Dear Friends,

We know how the widow felt. Her supplies were gone, she and her son were starving, and she had just enough ingredients to bake one last cake before she and her son would end up dying. She went to pick sticks to heat the oven that would cook her last meal. Desperation, fear, failure: the thoughts that raced through her mind. “If only my husband was still alive.” The “if-onlys” are always there to make a difficult moment worse.

Into this incredibly sad scene a stranger, Elijah, was inserted. He asked the starving woman for a ridiculous gift, “Bake me first a cake,” he asked. His request was a death sentence. Every natural instinct in this woman’s heart screamed “No! This man is insane. How dare he ask me for the last meal I can make for my family!” Please understand, there was no social services, no office to go to and ask for help. This truly was her last meal before she and her son laid down to die.

There was a choice: see her need or hear His promise. Sometimes God shows up at the most inopportune times to ask for the most ridiculous things, for one reason only… to MEASURE OUR RESPONSE. If the woman had said no and turned the stranger away, it would have been her last meal. If the small boy with the loaves and fishes had said no, his resources would have been gone in a few bites, and he and his loaves and fish would have disappeared without a trace.


Ulizana (right), with her sister Elmira (left), wants to go to back to Kyrgyzstan to be a missionary!

So many times we feel like this woman. The Orphan’s Hands is continually placed in the position of either looking with our fleshly eyes or hearing with the ears of Faith. Only this morning, we heard from Ulizana. You probably remember her… she spent the first 10 years of her life in a tuberculosis hospital after her mother, who had ran for her life from her abusive Kyrgyzstani husband, fell pregnant with Ulizana and could not care for her. You met her sister Elmira in last month’s newsletter, as she ministered to widows by washing their feet.

Ulizana wants to go back to Kyrgyzstan– the place of the source of her sorrow- to preach the Gospel. This beautiful young girl needs our help to make her missionary dream possible. Three young men are desperately waiting to come into one of our Orphan’s Hands homes. The only problem is there is not enough space for them. Already, the kids are gearing up for a summer of outreach activities, when we will sponsor camps to reach the thousands of kids in Moldova.

Each one of these challenges, along with countless others, are “Cake-Baking Moments,” where we must see beyond our circumstance to the oil and the meal that will never run dry (1 Kings 17:14). We always seem to live beyond the cake and the miracle. In a few sentences, we have described multiple-thousand-dollars-worth of “cakes” that we are called, by faith, to bake.Outreaches in the summer will only happen by planning now. Everything requires the special ingredient of faith to make the miracle happen. I know for many of you, this letter with its need will challenge you, “Do I bake a cake and give it away, or do I eat the cake, which may be my last?”

I pray for you, that the Holy Ghost will show you the incredible promise given through the scripture, “Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will reward them for what they have done.” Proverbs 19:17. I need you to pray about something very important. Our outreaches are growing faster than we are able to find support. Your giving at this time is vital to allow us to reach forward into the lives of those that have never heard. I am asking you to pray about “baking a cake” to sponsor Ulizana to go back to the place where she began her life in sorrow. Or can you “bake a cake” to allow some young men a bed and a home? Can you “bake a cake” to allow us to go to the orphan and the poor to our youth camps this summer? Your active faith will bring faith to those who have never heard.

We are so thankful for you,

Philip Cameron

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