Dear Friends,

I was in a hotel in Bucharest over 20 years ago. It was around this time of year, and there were six or seven women who were in Romania trying to adopt babies. It had just become evident to them all that they would not be home for Christmas. They had come to Romania on the desperate hope of adopting a baby. I sat with them a little while and my heart was so sorry as they spoke about being torn between the hope of adopting a baby and the family they had left behind. There was a piano there, and I sat and sang some Christmas carols with them, and then without thinking I began to sing, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.” They all began to weep.

Your gift can change Cristina’s life.  She is waiting to come to The Orphans’ Hands

As you know, we have the first deaf home for orphans in Moldova, and are currently helping four deaf girls. A couple of days ago, I received news from Liuda and Eugen, the house parents of our deaf home, that they had urgent requests from FOUR NEW DEAF GIRLS, “Do you have space for me?”

Many of you remember the story of the eighteen orphan girls on a park bench, and how Chrissie and I had to choose three and

lose fifteen because we did not have room for them all. This Christmas time, the unbearable and unimaginable has happened again. I asked Liuda and Eugen if we had room in our current home for them and the terrible response came, “There is only space for one.”

We at the ministry have been praying and fasting for a solution to this crisis. I received a call yesterday that we have the opportunity of buying a duplex with a combined eight bedrooms. This will allow us to expand our deaf home in an incredible way. We can secure the home with a deposit of $40,000, and with the owner carrying financing at 0%, the monthly costs would be lower than what we currently pay to rent.

As you read this, four young lonely orphaned hearts are waiting for a place to call home this Christmas. As we were praying (and frankly saying how impossible this is in such a short space of time) the thought came to my heart, “Would you make space for four deaf orphans for a gift of $200?” If 200 people can think that thought this Christmas, they and the four “sisters” already in our care truly will be home for Christmas. We are asking God for an immediate miracle. If you feel that you can be one of the 200 giving $200, call this number (334-866-0069) or give online ( ) and let us know. Winter’s brutality is already on its way in Moldova and four young hearts are desperately awaiting our reply.

The Cameron’s want to wish you a very merry and blessed Christmas as we look forward to God’s help and guidance in the New Year!

We Love You!


Philip Cameron and Family

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