It all began when Philip walked into a foul smelling room in a bitterly cold orphanage and saw a little boy covered in his own waste, starving, and alone. Philip picked him up and made a promise that has echoed down through time for the last quarter century: “I will come back. You are not a mistake. If you are born, God has a plan.”

Lives Changed

Since that wintery day in 1990, a continuing miracle of love and redemption has taken place. Orphans, rescued, became sons and daughters.  Those sons and daughters became missionaries. Today they look in the eyes of orphans in orphanages and tell them with love, “We will be back. You are not a mistake. If you are born, God has a plan.”

Those you will meet today have stories that could be made into a movie. Stories of loss, abandonment, abuse, starvation and deprivation, but the watering of love and the promises of God have made them spring up as trees in a desert land.

Their hands bring miracles.

The Orphans Hands.


Today, a new ministry – THE ORPHAN’S HANDS has begun. God helped the Camerons lift these amazing young men and women out of darkness. Now, no longer orphans they want to return and invade that same darkness with the light of Jesus Christ. THE ORPHAN’S HANDS equips these daughters and sons to become missionaries.

They feed the homeless, visit orphans and bring the Gospel to the lonely in the poverty ridden villages of Moldova.

Home For The Deaf

In Moldova, there is one section of society that is looked down upon more than the orphan: the orphan who is deaf.

They live imprisoned in the silence, which compounds their loneliness. In a world where only the fittest survive, these kids cling to the edge of survival. Illiteracy is usually their burden, and they are deemed only good enough to work in a factory.

They are valuable to us and infinitely more valuable to Him. The Orphans Hand’s has created a home for these girls to come, learn, grow and flourish… and most importantly to learn about Jesus. They have never heard the name of Jesus, but with your help we will show them and let them feel the unconditional love of God.