Meet Angela and take a moment to read her story…

A few years after I was born my parents lost their home and we all ended up on the street. My grandmother felt sorry for us and took us in, there was 10 people living in a two bedroom apartment. The apartment had no heating and no water. It was extremely cold during the winter. My parents did not have a job, we barely stayed alive due to the lack of food.

The opportunity they gave me, gave me a spark of hope for my future

One day my parents realized that there was no way they could care forme. I ended up at one of the largest orphanages in the country. I was only 5 years old. The teachers were never nice to me or the other kids. Every Christmas the teachers would take away our gifts, that people from America would give us, and give it to their own children.

I missed my parents and I wanted to be with them. Every chance I got to see them I begged them to take me away with them. I felt like I was just a number, that no one knew my name. I spent 11 years in the orphanage.

When I turned 16 I had to leave the orphanage. I had no where to go and no one to help me. I felt more hopeless than I felt in the orphanage. One day I heard about an amazing family, the Cameron’s, that built homes and gave hope to kids like me. I went and met the Cameron family, and my life changed completely since then.

The opportunity they gave me, gave me a spark of hope for my future. They have accepted me, loved me and believed in me. I now have hope, and my dream is to let God use me to bring hope to other lost souls like I once was. THE ORPHANS HANDS is not just a spark of hope for me, but for all the hopeless people out there.

Will you pray for me and the others at Stella’s Hands? That God will use us to reach the lost and broken in Moldova. That God will open many doors for us to tell people about Jesus. Thank you for your support, your giving allows me to be a missionary and help people.

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