Anti-Trafficking Holiday Gift Guide

The season for holiday festivities is quickly approaching. For many people, that includes the search for the perfect gift as a symbol of your affection. What does this have to do with human trafficking, you may wonder? 

According to the National Retail Federation, US holiday retail sales in 2021 reached more than $886 billion! But unfortunately, following the supply chain behind the gifts we purchase reveals that victims of human trafficking produce many of them for little or no pay. 

As much as we despise the thought of human trafficking, we often feel helpless to stop it. However, shopping for ethically-sourced gifts may be one small way you can combat human trafficking and provide hope for survivors. While individual shopping habits alone won’t solve human trafficking, being an informed shopper can demonstrate your support for ethical business practices and freedom from slavery.

Determining what goods enslaved people produced could be a daunting and shocking task. Fortunately, the US Department of Labor has compiled the 2022 List of Goods Produced by Child Labor or Forced Labor to shed light on who’s responsible for making products you might consider purchasing. In addition, the Mekong Club has developed a global mapping tool that indicates the risk of modern slavery.

Better still, we’ve collected resources for an anti-trafficking holiday gift guide filled with organizations and products that are ethically sourced and offer support for human trafficking survivors. Although credible organizations have vetted the list, you’re encouraged to research these organizations and companies to ensure they have an ongoing commitment to slavery-free practices.


Gift Guide

This guide includes suggestions for gifts made by survivors of human trafficking or organizations that support efforts to combat it. You can also check out End Slavery Now’s Slave-Free Buying Guide.


Consider brands that work with small artisans and factories when shopping for clothing and accessories. The following companies are Fair Trade certified, survivor-made, or fair trade verified. Specific options that directly support victims and survivors of human trafficking include,

Home Goods

Consider supporting small artists from local stores. You can also support survivors by buying:

  • Home décor made from secondhand saris from Sari Bari
  • Candles and essential oils from Savhera 
  • Handmade greeting cards from Good Paper
  • Children’s toys and stocking stuffers from New Creation

Chocolate and Coffee

The cacao and coffee bean harvesting processes are notorious for labor exploitation, so it’s crucial to ensure that they’re slave-free. Look for brands that source directly from farmers committed to fair labor practices. Slave Free Chocolate provides a list of ethical chocolate companies. The Good Trade has a list of fair trade coffee.


It’s not easy to ensure that jewelry is exploitation-free since mining operations are notorious for enslaving people. Purchasing synthetically produced diamonds and other gemstones is one way to be confident that you’re not contributing to the unethical practices of the jewelry industry. Buying from these companies also helps victims of trafficking:


Many beauty products and services involve persons trafficked. From the rare materials used to create beauty products to forced labor at beauty and nail salons, the beauty industry contributes to human trafficking. One option is Dignity Coconuts, a small business fighting sex trafficking in the Philippines. 


Forbes compared DoneGood to Amazon, calling it “The Amazon for Social Good.” You can find thousands of items in various categories, from home goods to clothing, household items, and more.

Donations to the Cause

Besides material goods, you can also make an individual contribution or in honor of a loved one to organizations like The Orphan’s Hands, which work 365 days a year to fight human trafficking and help survivors. 

Your gift, regardless of the amount, can change a person’s life. Every donation can change the life of someone victimized by human trafficking. No matter the size, every effort can deliver help and hope to the most vulnerable among us. 

Help Us Provide Hope Every Day

The generosity of our supporters has helped us provide a safe life for people once trapped in a life of slavery and forced marriage, and shelter, food, and medical care for those in need. Together, we can change and save lives!