This is Irina, Stefan and Eugenia… siblings who are part of THE ORPHANS HANDS…please read their story…as told by the oldest sister Eugenia (far right).

I am the second child in a family of four. Even though we lived in poverty I felt wealthy because I had a big family. My world fell apart when I was eight years old when my father suddenly died of a heart attack. I still remember that late night kneeling around him with my brother and sisters crying and begging him not to leave us. My father’s death was the beginning of a difficult life. His death left us paralyzed with the fear of the unknown. My mother worked extremely hard to care for us. Four years later she died from kidney failure. Because I was left to care for her that day, my auntie blamed me for her death.

My life had no sense, it was filled with pain and suffering and I wanted to end it. After two months, I ran away from home and was hit by a car. I was in a coma for three days. I had no recollection of the accident and had a hard time remembering my family members. After they told me of what had happened I immediately regretted being alive. The pain of losing my parents was still tearing me apart and realizing that I was an inconvenience to my family made it even worse. I was in constant pain because my right leg was injured very badly in the accident. I could not ask anyone for help as it was seen as a complaint and I was immediately reminded that I was a burden for my family.

I realized that I was alive because God had a purpose for my life. Sugar’s outreach program has saved mine and my family’s life.

My older sister was only 13 years old, when she promised my mother on her death bed, that she would keep the family together no matter what. When our relatives tried to separate us and send us to an orphanage my sister begged them to let us live together. Life became about survival. My sister would go to work every day and I was left to care for our younger sister (Irina) and brother (Stefan) at home. Some days I could not see beyond the pain I felt and the state of desperation that we were in. I tried to end my life countless times. I wanted the loneliness to end. I felt so defeated and saw life as being unfair to us. I wondered what did we do to deserve our parents to be taken away from us.

When I turned 16 years old I went to the capital to continue my studies and that’s where my life turned from a mess into a miracle. One of my classmates was Natalia “Sugar”. Her kindness, sense of humor and positive view at life drew me to her and we became friends. During the summer Natalia “Sugar” organized an outreach camp for friends from school. Those few days during the camp had impacted my life immensely. I learned about Jesus and His unfailing love towards us. I realized that I was alive because God had a purpose for my life. Sugar’s outreach program has saved mine and my family’s life.

Shortly after the camp ended, I was introduced to the Cameron family, who made the outreach program possible. The Cameron family has become my family since then.They accepted me and my siblings and let us become part of their family. One of the many things they did for my family and I was to believe in us and see us worthy enough to give us a chance in life. Their love and support has built the foundation of what I want my life to be about. God had reached out to me and my family through an outreach program organized by an orphan, to bring me to where I am today.

Today, I wish for nothing more than to make that possible for others just like me. I want to become His hands through THE ORPHANS HANDS. Please pray for my family, pray for THE ORPHANS HANDS, that we can reach other girls and guys who maybe hurting or feel alone. Please be a part of this miracle! Thank you for giving us this opportunity!

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