This month, instead of hearing about all that God is doing through The Orphan’s Hands from me, you get to hear directly from one of the young women in our ministry, Dasa. Her life was changed, as you will read, by friends like you who made the decision to do more than just be moved by the despair of her circumstances all those years ago. Her life was changed by those who decided, “I can be the difference in someone’s life,” who gave sacrificially to ensure that the Hope of Jesus Christ could be planted in the desperate and hungry soil of a broken heart. This is the fruit of that giving:

I wish I could take your hand and walk you through the ruins of my life before HOPE rebuilt it. I was born out of wedlock. My father rejected me because I was not a boy and my mother abandoned me shortly after

because I became an obstacle in her life. The next few years of my life were spent bouncing from family to family, being told that I was worthless- nothing but a mistake that my parents made. I ended up in the largest orphanage in the country and very soon I became just another number, another failure. I spent countless nights crying myself to sleep wishing that I wouldn’t have been born. I felt as if I was chained down in darkness, as if my destiny was forever tied to rejection, loneliness and hopelessness.

At sixteen years old, I was only a few months away from being put out of the orphanage system. The state of my soul at that time simply cannot be explained, because unless you’ve stood on the edge of that same cliff and stared down into the hollowness of it, you would not be able to understand it. I was stranded between an unwanted past and an inevitable fall into the emptiness of my future. I was afraid of what waited for me outside the orphanage gate. I wished for time to stand still. I was bitter at the blindness of my own destiny, but silently accepting the defeat.

Nine years have passed since then. One of the many things I know today is that I am not a

mistake, because God is so perfect He never makes mistakes. A hand of HOPE reached out and touched my orphan soul when I believed that my life was about to end. I am beyond grateful for the people in my life that saw me for more than the “marked-for-failure” I believed I was. Because of those that cared, my fall off the cliff was turned into a flight over the cliff. I was redeemed by His love through His people here on Earth. Today, I hope that a glimpse into the most painful moments of my life would allow you to see what HOPE does to a lost soul… what love and partnership can achieve for His Kingdom.

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Maybe it was you who gave those many years ago to save Dasa from the cliff of hopelessness she

described. Your seed of faith was planted in good soil, and as Jesus describes in the passage of Mark chapter four, “it came up, grew, and produced a great crop, some multiplying thirty, some sixty, some a hundred times…”

This exactly depicts what happens through The Orphan’s Hands. Lives are saved, and in turn they share the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others who are lost and hurting, multiplying the family of God.

Our Orphan’s Hands family has recently multiplied, as we have given a place at the Table of Hope to sixteen new kids, sixteen souls just like Dasa who have suffered loneliness and rejection, thinking they had no hope and no future. Will you ask the Lord Jesus what you can do to help this sudden expansion? Will you decide to do more than just be moved by their broken circumstances and decide “I can be the difference!” If you are part of our $1 a day family, I cannot express how important you are at this time. If you could pray about giving an extra gift this month, it would alleviate the initial pressure of this huge step of faith. One day these precious souls will thank you for caring and standing together with us to bring them to life.

For Them


Philip Cameron

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