I just received a letter from the director of an orphanage where over 200 boys suffer from mental and physical disabilities. When the young men and women from The Orphan’s Hands described to me what they had found in visiting their orphanage, my heart and memories went back to the first day I stood in the orphanage of Hincesti, where 200 mentally and physically handicapped girls were fighting to stay alive in the brutal winter. That day the director informed me of sixteen girls who had frozen to death in this prison of despair, by only the eleventh of December. I will never forget the young girls in Hincesti sucking the crumbs of food off the table, having no shoes, sitting in rooms with no light bulbs, and human waste around the walls of every room.

Present day, the boys in this orphanage have similar needs. My heart swelled with pride as I heard our kids in Moldova go and love these unfortunate souls exactly the same way as I did those many years ago. As they have gone back repeatedly and built trust-with the staff as well as the kids- they have opened up their hearts and dared to believe that we can meet their tragic need.

The director gave us three pages of desperately needed things. As I looked down the page, I was smitten by the list. They need forks and knives. They need plates. They need light bulbs. They need clothes and much more. Everything that I saw in Hincesti, I have seen it again. I am praying for a miracle on behalf of these kids. One of the boys has a growth protruding from his head, the size of a soccer ball… there lie some of the worst cases of physical handicaps we have ever seen. They are looking to us in desperation to rescue them in their distress. In scripture, it says, “Continue to remember those in prison as if you were together with them in prison, and those who are mistreated as if you yourselves were suffering.” (Hebrews 13:3)

The Director’s Letter –

“You have helped the 208 beneficiaries to regain trust in people by not remaining indifferent to their needs. Through your donations and actions, you have managed to bring a smile on their faces and get closer to their souls in moments they need love and support.”

Some things we can send from here, for others we will send the money as soon as we receive it to buy the necessities, and allow them to live life, rather than just exist. This is an EMERGENCY! We need your help today. Your gift of $500, $250, $100 or whatever can be given will allow us to be His hands extended and lift broken hearts and minds up from despair.

The quickest way to give is to call 334-866-0069 or give hereAs we receive your help, we will immediately transfer funds to Moldova so our kids can go and obtain these desperately needed items and supply them to those waiting for us.

Thank you for caring for these kids.

For Them,


The Orphan’s Hands

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