Meet one of our newest girls in THE ORPHANS HANDS Home for the Deaf and take a few minutes to read her incredible testimony. Her name is luliana and she is a miracle!

My name is Iuliana. I am 17 years old. I was born into an alcoholic family. I do not remember my parents ever being sober. When I was little, I got ill and with time I lost my ability to hear. Me and my older brother spent most of our time on the streets of the city begging for food. My parents never acknowledged the fact that they had two children to care for. Every single day they chose alcohol over us.

Until a week ago, I had no future, no family and no hope. I am so thankful to THE ORPHANS HANDS for giving me a home, and a family.

When I turned 4 years old I was sent to live at a kindergarten/orphanage for deaf children. This did not replace the need I had for a family but at least I was fed daily and I had a place to sleep. During vacations me and my brother were sent to the village and grandparents would watch us. Instead of loving us they threw us back out on the street. The sad thing is, I never heard any of those angry words that my grandma was screaming at us while throwing us out of her house, only the expression on her face.

When I was 7 years old, while at the deaf and mute orphanage, me and one of my classmates were abducted and taken away by a man. We were taken to this man’s house and threatened with an axe if we made a wrong move or tried to escape. He locked us in his house with no food and no water. I just remember looking at the axe and being so afraid. One day he forgot to lock the door and I run outside to escape. We were rescued after the police took the man in custody and then they returned us back to the orphanage.

At 16 I graduated from the orphanage and I found myself on the street once again. My father remarried and his wife wanted nothing to do with me. They did not allow me to even enter their home. My mother was living on the street always drunk. The government gives $20 monthly to help those like me. Unfortunately, I never saw the money. My mother spent everything she got on alcohol.

Until a week ago, I had no future, no family and no hope. I am so thankful to Stella’s Hands for giving me a home, and a family. For the very first time in my life I had the chance to eat at the table with a family. A few days ago, I heard about Jesus and his love for me. I gave him my heart. Thank you Stella’s Hands for making space for me at the table of hope. God had answered my prayers. He truly is amazing. Thank you for reading my story. Please keep praying for me and all these new sisters that come to THE ORPHANS HANDS homes!!

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