She Held The Rope

Joshua 2:12 “She held the rope.”

You know the story: the spies came to Jericho and they were discovered by the king. The soldiers were coming and they asked a harlot, named Rahab, for help to hide them. In return, they offered her anything she wanted. She had only one request.

“Save my family.”

She lied to the soldiers, then “let them down from her window in a basket. She held the rope.” That basket held more than just Israeli spies… it held her future! When the spies later returned, ALL Rahab’s family were in her house, and all were saved as the walls of Jericho fell down!


Rahab the harlot married Salmon. Their son Boaz had a son named Obed, who had a son Jesse. Jesse’s son David became King! Her act of faithfulness transformed her from a harlot to being included in the lineage of Jesus!

When you first heard of The Orphan’s Hands and decided to help our rescued kids rescue others, you took hold of the rope! You chose to reach so far away into a world of brokenness, and in doing so are holding in your basket hope, healing, help… and lives that would certainly be lost without our care.

Please, keep praying! Keep being faithful! Their future is in your hands! But wait! As you give… YOUR future is in the basket as well! Your family WILL be saved! Your future will be TRANSFORMED! It’s all in “the basket!”

We still need a miracle to finish The Lifeboat Shed – our desperately needed warehouse where we can gather supplies for the terrible needs we face every day in Moldova. We are praying two hundred “basket-holders” will give $200. This will finish the building and will allow us to expand this important work of healing the hurting! They are waiting for their miracle in the basket!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing the Camerons, as a family, to save so many who will save so many more! Together we are holding tightly to “the basket!”

For Them

Philip Cameron

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About the Author:

Missionary-evangelist, preacher, singer, author: Philip has a far-reaching international ministry that is impacting nations. Philip’s anointing is Household Salvation, helping Christians win their loved ones to Christ. He has authored multiple books on the subject, with over 300,000 copies in print. Philip is a consultant and innovator in ministry growth, whether it be in missions, television or church ministry. He is a regular guest on some of the largest television networks in the world. Philip's innovative approach to missions brings the mission field directly to the church. By exposing the listener to the direct impact missions has on the orphaned and broken, he stirs vision and purpose in every church he visits. The success of Philip’s mission outreach is turning orphans into sons and daughters, and then turning those sons and daughters into missionaries. Through the Orphans Hands, their hands are saving lives, reaching the lost, and changing their nation of Moldova.

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