ElmiraFor twenty-five years, I have tried to explain the spirit of what we do. We visit the orphan, bringing food, clothes, warmth and most importantly, love. We witness to the unreached, bringing food to the homeless.

The picture above, in one frame, describes exactly what we do and what it means to those that receive. An elderly widow- who I’ll promise has barely heard a kind word spoken in her life- waits to have her feet tended after years of neglect, by one of the young ladies of The Orphan’s Hands, named Elmira. The widow is overcome with emotion, tears flowing down her cheeks. Possibly, for the first time in her life, she feels truly loved.

The Bible says, “Jesus washed his disciples feet.” In a little home, in one of the poorest villages in the poorest country in Europe, Elmira, once an orphan, knelt down and washed Jesus’ feet: for the Bible also says, Jesus speaking, “When you do it to the least of these, you have done it unto Me” (Matthew 25:40). This lovely old woman had nothing to offer Elmira in return, but her tears of gratitude was enough.

We really need your help. The outreach of our kids in Moldova is growing faster than our base of support. These amazing young men and women of The Orphan’s Hands are driven with passion to touch as many lives as possible. Our resources are limited… our faith is not, and our heart yearns to do more! Please pray about what you can do to help us continue to expand the work of The Orphan’s Hands.

Elmira’s act of kindness to this widow, in the light of all Moldova’s needs, seems so small. Yet, as she returned to her tiny house, having also received coal and food from The Orphan’s Hands, in her eyes, her world had changed. The Orphan’s Hands was able to provide a supply of life-saving coal ($150) and food ($50), and by doing so took the fear of dying from this poor soul’s heart.

We are starkly aware of how little we have in the face of such need. Your love, your prayers, and your giving will stretch our hearts and hands further. For every $200 gift we receive, we can change another’s world. And to those who give a $1 day, you faithfully support these amazing kids to be His hand extended.

We continue to believe for a miracle.

For Them,



Philip Cameron

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