They had just watched Jesus feed 5,000 men with two fish and five loaves. In fact, they had twelve baskets of that divine supply in the boat with them. A storm came and all the past miracles they had seen were washed away by the first wave that hit their boat. They saw a man walking on water, and instead of knowing it was Jesus, we are told they thought it was a ghost!

It seems we never learn.

Our New Home In Odessa

The last time I wrote you, I was challenged by God to open a home in Odessa, Ukraine. I shared with you how Chrissie and I had learned the terrible fate of 38 girls who had been shipped from Odessa in a forty foot metal container all the way to the Caribbean, where they were discovered by American authorities. From the time I heard that, my heart was troubled. I can’t imagine what they endured: a month in a dark box, the smell, the darkness.

The fear.

Andrew and I have just returned from an amazing visit to Odessa in the Ukraine. We were met by six of the senior team of The Orphan’s Hands, along with two of the house parents, and we spent days looking and praying to find a home for those who have no Hope. WE FOUND ONE! We signed a lease, went shopping for all the necessities to make the house a home. We set a date for its opening. ALL OF THIS BY FAITH.

It’s the worst time of year to be “stepping out of a boat.” People are caught up in so many different things… Christmas, family, a new year. There is never a good time to pick up your faith and put your foot on water and believe to walk. That is exactly what we have just done.

The girls of The Orphan’s Hands getting the new home in Odessa ready for the new girls we will rescue

Last month, I asked you to pray about being one of 200 to give $200. We are so thankful for those who have responded, but we still need a miracle. That is where faith and action s can move God’s hand. Peter’s action caused Jesus to react. I sat with Andrew and the team in our new house in Odessa, when one by one the kids that we had once rescued looked at me with such earnestness and said, “Dad, I can come here and help these girls.” As I saw their faith, as I saw their willingness to serve, I knew we were doing the right thing. It was beyond cold, the icy

wind from the Black Sea cut through our clothes like a knife as we walked along the streets of Odessa. Our faith was reaching into darkness, our hands- His hands, your hands- were holding up the light of Hope!

I’m earnestly asking you to pray about this. Your gift will give us the foundation to purchase a vehicle, pay for schooling, and the myriad of other things still needed to bring this miracle to fruition. I’m praying that God will challenge all of us together, to climb out of the boat on behalf of the young girl who stands in the frigid night, already trafficked and on her way to a distant hell. The famous evangelist D.L. Moody once said, “The world has yet to see what God could do with 100 people sold out to Him.” I’m praying that you will help us help them! Will you pray about being 1 of 200 whose gift of $200 could untie the bound hands of a lost girl?

We appreciate you and your prayers.

For Them,

Philip Cameron

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