We Are Building a Lifeboat Shed

All around the stormy coasts of Scotland you will see buildings that seem disconnected to their surroundings. They are the lifeboat sheds which house the boats that are launched when men’s lives are about to be lost. In a howling storm, I have watched men fight for a place in the volunteer lifeboat sent out in mountainous seas, where a man in the water will last only 3 minutes. Thinking nothing of their own peril, they save the lost. The lifeboat shed holds the hope of dying men.

You’ve seen the hundreds of photos we’ve sent you over the last while… feeding the homeless, visiting the orphanages, going to the hospitals to visit the sick keeping together families on the brink of falling apart. The Orphan’s Hands is daily interrupting suffering in countries caught in poverty and despair. I want you to think for a moment: Where do the tons of clothes, the hundreds of care packages, the means to lift a broken life from utter hopelessness and give a reason to live and believe again all come from? It comes from here… it comes from YOU!

A church helps gather clothes. They are sent to our office. A woman makes up welcome packages for a girl rescued with only the clothes on her back. They come to us. A business like Plato’s Closet in Ft. Myers, FL gives 20-30 huge bags of gently used clothes that will give a girl and a boy the feeling that they are worth something more than everybody has told them… we sort and box them up here to send to Moldova. All these gifts come to us. We keep them, then send them all in a “container of miracles” to those who are in desperate need.

WE HAVE A PROBLEM:  Our buildings are overflowing with your love and generosity!

I just spoke to our contractor. We need $40,000 to get it finished and operational. THIS IS A LIFEBOAT BUILDING! IT WILL SAVE LIVES! We need to get it finished immediately. Our kids have an entire summer of kids camps planned. All the tents they sleep in, the games they play with the children, clothes they give to orphaned, abandoned and poverty-ridden kids who come are filling our small storage shed and are growing in our house again! Can you help me get this warehouse finished? It will revolutionize our outreach. We will be able to receive and sort the tons of things we receive much more efficiently and get more help to those who desperately need it. It will change and it will save lives.

This miracle is not impossible to see happen! If four hundred people give $100… it is DONE! If two hundred people give $200… it is DONE! If forty people give $1000… it is DONE! I know this for sure: if you could one time- just once- place warm clothes in the arms of a freezing child, or to a homeless, blind former-teacher living in the snow, you would see the priceless value of what we are trying to build! Please pray, ask if you can help me. A wee boy or girl living a lonely life has no idea that we- you and me- are planning and giving to change their life with the Gospel!

I’m waiting and praying for your response! Thanks, in faith, for them.

For Them

Philip Cameron

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About the Author:

Missionary-evangelist, preacher, singer, author: Philip has a far-reaching international ministry that is impacting nations. Philip’s anointing is Household Salvation, helping Christians win their loved ones to Christ. He has authored multiple books on the subject, with over 300,000 copies in print. Philip is a consultant and innovator in ministry growth, whether it be in missions, television or church ministry. He is a regular guest on some of the largest television networks in the world. Philip's innovative approach to missions brings the mission field directly to the church. By exposing the listener to the direct impact missions has on the orphaned and broken, he stirs vision and purpose in every church he visits. The success of Philip’s mission outreach is turning orphans into sons and daughters, and then turning those sons and daughters into missionaries. Through the Orphans Hands, their hands are saving lives, reaching the lost, and changing their nation of Moldova.

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