July 2016

We have tried to pay God back!

I have shared a thousand times the horror I felt nine years ago, when my wife Chrissie and I looked at eighteen sad faces, who were on the brink of being put out on the street, and what has since become one of the motivating factors of our entire family’s life. Sadly, we could only accommodate three of the eighteen girls that day and were forced to let fifteen slip away. One of the girls we chose was Natalie, who is now our daughter-in-law. At that time, we did not realize we were choosing the future wife of our adopted son, Andrew, but God did! What a momentous moment disguised in a crisis!

This week, something astonishing has happened. It has required some of the biggest steps of faith we have ever taken. Out of nowhere, history has repeated itself. We heard the cries of desperation, “Please, make a place for me at the table of hope!” Six girls, six boys, and three lovely deaf girls – all of them in need of a family – all at once reaching for our help. This equals fifteen souls! We don’t have the space. We don’t have the funds, but we do have the FAITH. I made a solemn promise to God nine years ago that I would never again turn away those in need.

Here is what we have done…

BY FAITH, we opened our arms to all fifteen kids and said, YES! BY FAITH, we acquired two homes to accommodate them all. BY FAITH, we have added house parents to help us in this explosive growth! We need your help TODAY!

I know that if you had been there with Chrissie and I nine years ago as we had to turn fifteen sad faces away, it would have been a moment you would have never forgotten. In a very real sense, it’s happened again. We are all standing, watching these souls walk into the refuge of hope that is The Orphan’s Hands.


This is truly another momentous moment disguised in a crisis.

I’ve been searching the faces on the photographs that we have just received. Will there be another Natalie, or an Andrew here? Most have come with only the clothes on their backs. Chrissie has been on the phone all day trying to arrange the necessities for them from the few supplies we have left in Moldova. They will need fees for their tuition at school. They will need their teeth examined and some will need to see a doctor. You see, when these kids join our family, they are no longer orphans, they are sons and

daughters. Can you help us, give them a new life? The Hebrew meaning for the number 15 means “NEW DIRECTION IN LIFE.” This is truly an opportunity wrapped in a crisis. Will you pray and ask God what you can do to help us? $500, $250, $100 – whatever it is, it is changing the direction of a life forever.

Tonight, so far away from the world we live in, fifteen more kids will sleep in a clean bed. Because of our care, they will have food, and be free from the threat of fear that has been with them for so long. They may never know who you are, but your hands, joined with The Orphan’s Hands, will hold them in the arms of a loving Savior. It isn’t often that this opportunity literally comes to our doorstep. I am earnestly praying that WE, all of us together, will let these kids see God’s love in action.

We are so thankful for you,


Philip Cameron

They Are Arriving

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