Dear Friends,

If you could see inside God’s heart, you would find that gold and silver and precious jewels do not hold His attention. You would see that lofty words and proud spirits leave Him cold. So where is the heart of God? What can we do to place ourselves under the pleasure of His favor? Is there something we can do to turn His heart towards us? I think there is. 

One of the lines of the great songs of the church is, “Break our heart for what breaks yours…” Imagine if you had lost someone and your heart was aching with sorrow in their absence, and someone came beside you and said to you, “I can bring them back!” God aches just the same for those lost from Him. When we align ourselves to God’s heart, the lost and broken come into focus.

In a few days, some little hearts that have never heard a sound will walk into a house that they will call home. They will sleep in their own bed, gather the “stuff” that teenagers gather in their room, and their heart will have found a home. I can tell you this without any doubt at all, when they put their clothes in the drawer, kick off their shoes and flop down on their bed, the heart of God will dance, because those that were lost have been found.

At The Orphan’s Hands, we do our best to make His passion ours, and to see through His eyes. It is a painful thing when money is the only thing that stops you doing more for Him. We are witnessing miracles every single day.

One of the deaf girls, Irina, who was burned horribly when she walked into the direction of a burner that she could not hear, was put in the orphanage because she was too much bother. Irina texts or messages me almost every day in the few English words she knows, “Hello, How are you?” “I learned English today” “I go my bed.” Every day is almost a repeat of the day before… almost… because every once in awhile a new word appears in her deaf world and my heart smiles, and God’s heart smiles, and I hope your heart smiles as well. 

We have tremendous power- literally, the power of life and death, the power of bondage or liberty. It’s all in your hand, whether God can speak to you to invite hope, by giving into more hearts. As you read this, another young girl is sitting in the prison of poverty, loneliness, and some… silence.

As The Orphan’s Hands expands, the challenge to feed, clothe, house and reach those in need grows. Including these amazing kids in your world is including God in your world, because the Bible says, “God is close to those who have a broken spirit.”

Can you help us reach further, do more, rescue others? Let God break your heart for what breaks His! We still need many things to make these houses a home. If you could give an “extra mile gift” of $50 or $100 it could help us tremendously this month! For those who already give monthly: you heat their rooms, put clothes on their body, and food on their table and we thank you! We need more sponsors every day!

Please pray, we need you to survive!

Philip Cameron

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