It snowed yesterday in Moldova. The temperature went to -19. The long struggle of winter has begun in earnest. The struggle is unimaginable sitting in a world where heat is available at the turn of a thermostat and hot water flows from a tap on demand, but where The Orphan’s Hands ministers, everything is a struggle.

We minister to the orphan, the poor, the homeless, the girl who lives in the shadow of the trafficker. Our kids know how it feels… the continuous sick feeling in the pit of their stomach, the panic when a stranger looks at them longer than normal, the feeling of being hunted, knowing that your value is only in how many times you can be used.

Imagine lying in your bed, so cold that to move invites the pain of ice-cold air under your blanket, but you must get up. The fire has to be started. Then you remember. There is no coal, and the water bucket is empty. It’s a quarter of a mile to the well. Another day has begun.

As you read this, we are weaving a net of hope under families who live so close to being broken. It’s on these desperate days when a mom can’t bear to watch her little girl go hungry another day. It’s on these days when they are given away to the orphanage, and the road to trafficking begins. There are thirty families right now who live because of the care of The Orphan’s Hands.

That is when our kids, who once were in the exact circumstance I’ve just described, knock on the door and carry, in their orphan hands, Hope. No one in the world can reach those hurting so deeply. I couldn’t. I come from a world of privilege. How can they relate to me, relating to them?  It reminds me of a baby in a manger. Jesus was the King of Kings, yet He was born in a stable so that poor shepherds felt comfortable in His presence. An orphan can relate to those in poverty and can bring the Hope of the Gospel with them.

Please watch this video.

Can you help us? We are trying to buy a home for the deaf girls who wait for a place to call home, yet we cannot stop helping the poor… we can’t cease in stopping the next generation of orphans that are created by such poverty.  For a gift of a $100 you can provide food and heating for a family for a month.  What ever your gift is, it’s important.

I spoke to Nadia, our head girl, yesterday. She explained how brutal the cold was. In the conversation, I suggested the kids have a celebration for their Christmas Day on January 7th.  I told her to gather the kids from our three houses and have a party. “Dad,” she cut me off, “We won’t be home. We’re going to Falesti, a poverty stricken village, and helping the poor.” My heart was so moved. The needy and the broken mean more to them than a party. I am so proud of their heart. Your giving gives them the opportunity to give.

As 2016 begins, please join with all the Cameron family as, together, we love those who move God’s heart. We pray for you to have a blessed New Year!

We Love You!

Philip Cameron and Family


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